Making business decisions is one thing. Making business decisions with confidence is quite another entirely.  After all, you can’t exactly predict the future  – and that means every decision you make could impact your organization in ways you haven’t foreseen.

That’s why the best business leaders use valuable insights from their own data.  By aggregating and analyzing company data – whether it’s past sales, email campaigns, or seasonal revenue trends – business leaders can forecast the outcome of most major decisions.

But if you think that data analytics is reserved just for the Big Data companies and trendy startups think again. Hubworks has brought the power of data analytics to your mobile phone…

And we’ve done it all for absolutely

Introducing Zip POS Dashboard

Hubworks is a top developer of business mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, and even desktop computers.  One of the business apps we’re most excited about is the Zip POS Dashboard app – an innovative tool that harnesses the powers of Big Data for small businesses.

The Zip POS Dashboard app works by aggregating all of your company’s data into one easy-to-read snapshot right on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  The app plugs into your company’s pre-existing POS system and seamlessly integrates the data into a standardized report.

Within minutes, you’ll have access to some of the most powerful data within your company – and that can help you make the kind of business decisions with huge impact.

Did we mention our Zip POS Dashboard app comes with all the technical help you could ever need?  That’s right – once you download our mobile app, a Hubworks team member will contact you to help make the most of your new business app.

 Zip POS Dashboard Features

Zip POS Dashboard is the ultimate app for any organization, whether you run a Mom-and-Pop restaurant or a larger corporation.  Our app can help you find actionable data within your company – all right from your smartphone or tablet.

Our features include:

  • It’s absolutely FREE. There’s no free trial or subscription costs. As soon as you download our Zip POS Dashboard app, it’s 100% yours – no hidden costs.
  • There’s no learning curve. In fact, a member of the Hubworks team will help you set up and navigate our app, so you can make the most of our app right away.
  • The most complex information is presented to you in a simple way. That means you’ll find the data you need to make decisions right away – without having to hunt through an information dump.
  • You can access our app at any time, whether through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s the most convenient Big Data analytics tool you’ll ever own!

Ready to get started?

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Don’t wait to make the most of your company’s data.  Use our Zip POS Dashboard app to make more business decisions with confidence and ease.

Go on – discover what it feels like to be able to forecast your business’s success!