There’s a Treasure Trove of Useful Business Insights Hidden Within Your Cash Register, and Zip POS Dashboard Is Digging Them Up

hotnews_10-09-2015_cashregister_bigCosta Mesa, CA:
Zip POS Dashboard announced today that small to mid-sized business owners don’t need to spend money employing pricey analytics experts or spend hours using complicated formulas to compile the real-time, easy-to-interpret business data they seek. For tons of useful business information that can save store owners and managers both time and money, they needn’t look any further than their own cash registers. Zip POS Dashboard instantly collects data from the transaction software installed on a business’ cash register and analyzes it in minutes. The result is rich, insightful information about how your business has been performing in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs.

“It’s amazing what a manager can learn about their business processes just by focusing on their cash register,” stated Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer. “There’s a wealth of information to be tapped, and our software takes accessing that information a step further by making it constantly available with the use of cloud storage.”

In this manner, Zip POS Dashboard has constructed a remarkably scalable business analytics tool, capable of storing and retrieving crucial business information via an infinite, secure portal. As for ease of use and indexing of information, the Senior Developer had this to say:

“Zip POS Dashboard also makes data easy to look up by category. A manager can filter for net sales, guest count, transactions, sales per labor hour, and more. And he can also choose to see how any of these categories stacked up during any given year, month, week, day, or hour.”

With the help of Zip POS Dashboard software plus a cash register or other transaction device, business owners can now pinpoint successful processes, areas of improvement, and trends in data, without time constraints. The company’s Senior Developer is hopeful that the software will empower more businesses, aiding them in their efforts to make more effective operating decisions, increase sales, and improve workforce efficiency:

“This software is the future of business analytics. Managers seek ways to increase productivity and improve their processes, and they don’t want to have to pay someone else to dig up the data that’s already at their fingertips. Zip POS Dashboard lets businesses take the analytics process into their own hands, getting the results they want effortlessly and at no cost to them by simply leveraging their cash registers.”