Think your summary report is anything but exciting?

After all, when you download that report and stare at it, you see nothing but numbers and dates.  The report gives you a snapshot of how your business is functioning at any given time – and that’s about it.

If you think of your business summary report as a necessary evil, then we’re about to reveal why this single report could be the crucial key you need to grow your business to resounding success.


Don’t Believe Us?

Perhaps you’ve been using the wrong kind of report!

This kind of report should do more than provide you with a snapshot of how your business is doing.  It should reveal key answers to your biggest business questions.  It should help you understand why your business is performing the way it is – and what you can do to grow your organization to success.

Most importantly, the report should help you identify the key steps you need to take to become a top leader in your industry – not to mention reap all the profits!

If your cash report leaves you with nothing but questions, it’s time to download a new type of summary report.  Let’s take a look at the 4 things you need your report to reveal in order to build a better business:

A Breakdown of Sales – by the Minute

Think that a daily report of your sales activity is enough to determine how your business is performing?  Try getting the kind of sales report that breaks it down by the minute.  We’re talking about an hourly update that will show you what’s being sold, how often it’s being sold, and the person who’s doing the selling.  It’s the best way to see what’s flying off of the shelves in your store – and what’s sitting there, collecting dust.

A Breakdown of Customer Costs

In order to run a successful business, you need a better understanding of how much you’re making per customer.  That means identifying the costs you’re putting into each customer, and how much they’re spending with your business.  That way, you can identify your best customers, so you can start properly marketing to them.  After all, why would you want to send the same marketing material to your best customer as you would someone who’s only purchased from you once?

A Breakdown of Labor Costs

If you run a restaurant, retail store, or hotel, you know that labor costs can quickly put a dent into your revenue.  You need to know how much labor you’ll need for any given week, so you can spend the right amount of money.  Only the best kind of business report can provide you with this breakdown, so you can start creating employee schedules with confidence.

Download Your Summary Report Today

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