Zip POS Dashboard Leverages the Cloud to Provide Expert Analytics and Peace of Mind

hotnews_10-11-2015_webbasedpos_bigCosta Mesa, CA:
Zip POS Dashboard Product Manager today announced the purpose behind the company’s integration of cloud storage with their business analytics software. Leveraging the cloud to store a business’ invaluable data within a web based pos system ensures an added level of security and protection that other analytics providers aren’t able to offer.

“Security is paramount in the digital age,” states Zip POS Dashboard Product Manager. “This is why in addition to our provision of the highest level of encryption with our software, we’ve also included a secure, cloud data repository where managers can access all stored information in one secure, central location.”

In order for an individual to access the central repository, entry must first be authorized by administration. This feature provides an additional layer of protection against fraud and other malicious misuse of a company’s vital financial info.

Another benefit that Zip POS Dashboard hopes to provide to its users is loss prevention. Utilizing this web based pos storage to prevent important documentation and data from becoming obsolete in the event of a system meltdown or natural disaster is a no-brainer, according to Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer:

“There are so many instances of lost financial records or data, all because companies didn’t take the time to back up their work. Or, in some cases, they didn’t digitize their records at all in favor of traditional pen-and-paper record-keeping. Suppose physical records get washed away in the event of major flooding or another natural disaster – then what? If the company was proactive, they stored digital copies of their records. But sometimes, even digital copies become lost. Files get corrupted, hardware crashes. It’s vital to have a back-up of your company’s most precious information, and cloud software such as our web based pos storage is becoming a foolproof means of accomplishing just that.”

Senior Developer for Zip POS Dashboard feels that the addition of cloud capabilities to their web based pos software is a rather attractive feature, stating:

“Our web based pos software provides automatic transport of your company’s data to our cloud server, making the process effortless on your part as a business owner. What could be simpler or more secure than that?”