Back Office Software for Coffee, Tea and Beverage Shops

Customers expect coffee and beverage shops to deliver hot beverages that are steaming, cold ones that are icy, and instant service. With Zip POS Dashboard, Hubworks wants to provide the same thing to these shops. Data should be presented accurately and in a way that the reader can understand. Managers and supervisors expect reporting software to deliver reports that they can gain information and insight from, and Zip POS Dashboard covers all these bases with a smile.

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The Solution for Your Reporting Needs

Spend More Time Doing the Things You Want to Do

Every task matters, but they don’t need to take longer than they should. Zip POS Dashboard helps prevent taking excessive amounts of time reading your reports and trying to identify trends, patterns, and outliers. With it’s simple and beautifully designed visuals, it allows for the reader to recognize these three things in minutes rather than hours.


As owners, it’s important to make sure that you’re store managers and supervisors are well aware of the status of their respective site’s business. With Zip POS Dashboard, they can increase accountability with one another.

Data Visualization

See the big picture at a glance with graphs and charts. Instead of flipping through pages of spreadsheets and cells of data to try to gain insight, just open the Dashboard on your desktop or mobile device and get instant information from easy to read reports.

Easy to Learn and Use

Managers and supervisors have a lot to do due to long open hours and guiding the crew members in proper processes and techniques. It’s best for them to quickly learn what they need to know and be able to execute right away since they don’t have a lot of time to spare. Fortunately, there’s no learning curve with Zip POS Dashboard. The design makes reading the reports intuitive and easy to understand.

Enterprise-level quality without an enterprise-level price tag. In fact, no price tag at all.

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