Insightful information when and where you need it!

Quickly check for updates about
your business while on the go.

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Access your reports for all key performance indicators while you’re out of the office.


Perform data analysis with the help of the graphs and charts that are automatically generated for you.


Understand what is happening in your business through data analysis and gain discernment from the insight you receive.

Take Action

Make the right decisions to help improve your business with the new acquired knowledge that you gained.

Empower your managers with the free mobile app

The mobile app allows managers to check their POS reports anytime, anywhere without having to view the reports from the office computer. And the business owners can check the updates for their business without having to go to each site. It’s convenient and saves time for everyone.

Download the complimentary Zip POS Dashboard mobile app!

Great for Owners

Loved by Managers


Have the freedom of being able to check how your business is doing from anywhere.


View data for key performance indicators (KPI) with detail. Choose one KPI for in-depth information from the multiple reports that are automatically being generated.


There is a sense of accountability when information is known and shared. Owners can check up on managers when they notice problems with business. When information sheds light on company weaknesses and problems, there needs to be action that follows.


There is nothing overly complicated with the system. The design is clean and simple to make functionality intuitive and reports easy to understand.

Enterprise-level quality without an enterprise-level price tag. In fact, no price tag at all.

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