POS System Reporting Software Will Soon Be Android and iPhone Compatible

point-of-sale-software-320x202Costa Mesa, CA:
Today, Zip POS Dashboard, a leading provider of cloud retail and restaurant management reporting software, announced that they are working to introduce a mobile-friendly version of their product. This development is projected to improve product accessibility for users, granting on-the-go access to the software’s real-time reporting features via Android and iPhone mobile devices. Zip POS Dashboard intends to fully integrate all features and benefits provided by its traditional counterpart – ad-hoc reporting, all-level data analysis, secure data repository, cloud functionality, and Pos system integration – within a streamlined, mobile version.

Of the decision to create a mobile version of their existing software, Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer states, “In many ways, Zip POS Dashboard for PC’s and tablets has already revolutionized the way that so many retail and restaurant managers are doing business. We’re providing a cost-free means of accessing invaluable business data via an existing Pos System, as well as a means of decoding that data without the hassle of outsourcing an analytics expert to interpret the results. We put straightforward, easy-to-understand business information at managers’ fingertips, helping them make smarter, more informed decisions about how to run their business while improving existing processes, faster. With the introduction of a mobile product app, these same benefits will be available much more extensively, and often at crucial times when managers wouldn’t have had access to them otherwise. Managers can tap the power of the cloud from anywhere, gaining access to up-to-the-minute reports without being barred by geographic restrictions.”

Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer further reveals his stance on the addition of the app to the company’s existing suite of POS System Software solutions, projecting a positive outlook on the future of the app as well as the company itself:

“It’s definitely exciting that we’ve decided to make this move. We’re growing the audience for Zip POS Dashboard by getting it into the hands of more small to mid-sized business owners, and we’re confident that the company will advance by leaps and bounds as a result of our mobile addition.”