With Zip POS Dashboard, It’s Possible to Identify Staff Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Efficiency

hotnews_10-13-2015_freeposreportingsoftware_bigCosta Mesa, CA:
Zip POS Dashboard is POS reporting software that is capable of turning up invaluable company data and offers much more than consumer and financial metrics alone. Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer today announced the practical applications of the company’s POS reporting software in relation to staff productivity. Now, restaurant and retail managers have a means of discovering where their staff is hitting the mark as well as where they could use some improvement.

“Tracking individual employee performance with free POS reporting software can deliver some surprising insights,” states Zip POS Dashboard’ Senior Developer.

“Strengthening the staff team is often as simple as taking a peek at a store’s transaction history and receipts – a little-known fact our company hopes to reveal on a grand scale. We’re capable of providing this information instantly with the use of our POS reporting software. A quick, POS Reporting software download from our site can be the difference between an underperforming staff and a united, well-trained team.”

Discover strengths and weaknesses with the use of Zip POS Dashboard, such as who’s selling what, how much of a product an employee is selling, how quickly wait staff is turning around their tables, average tip rewarded to a server, and more.

“For restaurant owners, an important question to ask might be, ‘Who’s taking home the biggest tips?’ This is a sure indicator of who’s providing the greatest level of guest satisfaction. Those consistently exceeding guest expectations and being rewarded handsomely as a result would make excellent trainers to employees that could improve in this area. This instantly eliminates the need for hiring additional training staff, cutting a restaurant owner’s operating costs significantly while bettering the entire employee team,” explains Zip POS Dashboard’ Senior Developer.

The POS reporting software can boost staff performance in other ways, too. Consider promotions and pushes to sell more of a specific item. Zip POS Dashboard’ Senior Developer states that the free POS reporting software can assist staff in getting more product out the door, within restaurants and retail environments alike:

“Identify the sales employee who is successfully selling a package of socks with every pair of shoes when this is the goal a retail manager has been coaching during staff meetings, for example. Then, pinpoint which sales employees aren’t quite meeting their upselling goals by accessing POS reporting software. Identify strengths and weaknesses in this manner, and conduct more productive performance reviews that will lead staff to improve in key areas. Assist employees with strengthening their performance by utilizing POS Reporting Software, and drastically improve future business operations.”