Developer of Zip POS Dashboard Outlines the Advantages of Ditching Traditional Cash Registers in Favor of Point of Sale Equipment

Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer today announced that integration of point of sale software into a business’ existing operations is as advantageous as downloading the reporting software used to interpret cash register data itself. Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer outlines these benefits, explaining that point of sale software is a customizable, adaptable means of improving the transaction process, enhancing customer relations, and gaining access to useful, measurable business data.


 One of the greatest advantages of retiring an outdated cash register and swapping it out for point of sale software – and perhaps one of the more obvious benefits –  is the improved scanning accuracy and error reduction the change will provide,” states Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer.

Having sales clerks punch in numbers from stickers, or worse, requiring them to memorize a sizable chunk of pricing information, frustrates the sales force as much as it frustrates customers, leading to increased human error and suffering customer relations, according to Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer, who claims that cashiers distracted by pressure to speed up long lines lose valuable rapport-building time with customers.

“Point of sale equipment changes the checkout game,” says Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer, who segways into yet another advantage of installing point of sale software:

“With automatic price indexing and scanning, sales clerks can spend more time building relationships and speaking with customers, providing a better checkout experience for all involved.”

Business owners gain crucial access to operational and sales data, too, according to Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer, who explains that point of sale software is essentially a computerized cash register.

“Although many tried-and-true types might prefer their trusty cash registers over the supposed bells and whistles that point of sale software provides, it’s important to develop an understanding of point of sale software features and their time-saving benefits, realizing that they’re capable of reducing time and money spent on operational processes – and are far from being flashy, useless gadgets.”

Amongst these useful features include: the ability to track and restock inventory at appropriate levels, instant access to sales information, and compatibility with point of sale reporting software that can provide instant, real-time analytics, broken down in a number of ways to suit a company’s reporting needs. Gain insights into sales performance by product sold, sales clerk, or store where items were sold. Plug this information across stores into a single network, connecting multiple data points to form one consolidated repository of information, and tap into the info for real-time statistics and insights with the help of point of sale reporting software.

“What’s truly surprising is how customizable a point of sale system is,” says Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer. He explains how easily one can add and remove devices to their network – perhaps handheld and mobile devices – and adjust the system they’ve built at any time to suit unique business needs as they develop.

“Although it’s true that point of sale software can become pricey if one isn’t careful, there are ways to cut costs – such as utilizing free, downloadable reporting software to analyze data once the system is up and running. Still, it’s important to bear in mind that point of sale software is much more than a weighty expenditure. It’s also a long-term, results yielding investment, and a very lucrative one at that.”