Point of Sale Systems Analytics Provider to Adopt Micros into Family of Supported Transaction Software

Zip POS Dashboard Software Is Becoming Micros CompatibleCosta Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard – trusted software provider known for its downloadable business process management and point of sale systems compatible analysis tools – announced today the upcoming inclusion of Micros into their current web of supported providers. Zip POS Dashboard has previously been compatible for use with Aloha, Xpient, and Hula, and will soon add another widely-recognized provider to this list of congruous brands.

Acquired by Oracle in 2014, Micros has since been enhanced to mesh the best aspects of standalone point of sales systems with powerful guest engagement-driving features, resulting in the development of the improved Micros Workstation 6. The merger lent to a surge in deployment of the Micros-driven Oracle Hospitality brand within restaurants and retail industries, making Zip POS Dashboard’ integration with Micros a strategic maneuver.

“Oracle worked to bring the best aspects of Micros to the table while satisfying the demands of a media-driven customer base – now; we’re working to bring the best of point of sale systems-driven data and reporting software to the dedicated restaurant owners and retail managers committed to the Micros family of products. They deserve easy-to-use business analytics solutions, too, and we intend to provide just that,” said Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer.

Of the implications this push to get Micros users up to speed with Zip POS Dashboard will have on the company’s future, the Product Manager had this to say:

“We are anticipating rapid expansion of our customer base as a direct result of our efforts to support Micros point of sale systems transaction software. By making our product readily available to Micros users and compatible with their point of sale systems, we’re effectively assisting a wider range of independent retailers and chain companies alike. It’s truly a win-win for us and the business owners: as we’re strengthening and expanding our brand’s visibility, business owners gain access to a quick and powerful means of monitoring their past and current processes. And as we reach more businesses via extended integration, we are allowing for more crucial budgeting and marketing decisions to be made based on the accurate, hard-hitting facts our software is able to uncover.”