Free reporting software keeps crucial business data within mobile reach while helping traditional storefronts mold positive shopping experiences

hotnews_10-27-2015_pointofsalesoftware_bigCosta Mesa, CA:
Today, Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager revealed an additional branch of functionality within its business analytics software. Zip POS Dashboard is capable of providing instantaneous business information, even for businesses utilizing mobile point of sale software. Mobile point of sale software is quickly becoming the backbone of the retail sales experience, according to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager:

“The only other device known to reduce checkout wait times, index products into easy-to-find categories, and provide guided customer experiences is the Internet. In other words, more and more customers are turning to online storefronts to purchase retail items due to said advantages, and this presents a unique challenge to physical storefronts in the digital age. Mobile point of sale software is revolutionizing the way traditional retailers are doing business, because it’s enabling shop owners to provide convenience, product availability, and more meaningful in-store experiences that rival the online shopping process.”

Point of sale software development for use with a mobile device has introduced various perks for the retail industry, including elimination of heavy wait times to reach the register. During peak hours and the busy holiday season, burdensome lines often become the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many customers, making for less than satisfactory in-store experiences if not discouraging them from purchasing altogether.

“Who hasn’t turned right around and put items back on the shelf when they were in a hurry, or were simply discouraged by the infinite line ahead of them?” asks Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager. “This type of thing happens more often than store managers like to admit, and mobile point of sale software can curb this kind of shopper behavior.”

Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager explains that mobile point of sale software can be utilized to break up lines, allowing customers to pay for products directly on the sales floor. By assigning a few employees to key positions on the sales floor with mobile point of sale software in hand, customers feel more relaxed, and dreaded lengthy lines can be eliminated.

Point of sale software advantages when operated via a mobile device don’t end here, according to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager:

“Utilizing mobile pos presents the additional advantage of freeing up valuable floor space. Ditch the bulky registers in place of lightweight, portable pos software, and improve the look and flow of your store. Use the extra space to your advantage to advertise product promotions, as well.”

Perhaps what’s most exciting about mobile point of sale software is how easily it integrates with reporting and analytics software, according to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, who states that inventory, transaction information, and financial reports are still as accessible as ever utilizing Zip POS Dashboard analytics software.

“Now, retail businesses are afforded a formidable means of competing with and perhaps surpassing virtual store experiences, all while accessing the crucial business analytics data that is so helpful in maintaining optimal business operations.”