Ever had someone tell you that report generator software system is designed to make your life easier – not soul-crushingly harder?

Did you promptly laugh in that person’s face as you desperately tried to figure out where to find the pertinent information you need?

In theory, reporting software should be designed to help you find all the information you need to run your business with confidence.  In practice, however, report generating software systems can be difficult to manage.  The software might be clunky, or make it difficult for you to find the information you need.  Or worse still, the info might not even be relevant to your particular business.


It’s pretty much the stuff business-themed nightmares are made of.

Still convinced your reports aren’t making your work-life a living hell?  Check out these five major problems with your report generator software:

Problem #1: It’s Tied to One Place

If the only place you can access your reports is your office computer, you’ve got a major problem.  As a business leader, you constantly need to be on the go, whether you’re meeting with investors, stakeholders, or just employees.  Your report needs to be as mobile as you are – not chained down to your office desk.

Problem #2: It’s Too Corporate

Report generators are great – if you work for a Fortune 500 company.  But what about the mom-and-pop businesses that don’t really need all that excess information?  You need the kind of reporting software that actually makes sense for your business needs, whether you’re a local café or a popular seasonal hotel destination.

Problem #3: Jargon, Jargon, Jargon

Ever gone through a revenue report or sales report and just found yourself saying, “…huh?”  Many business reports are loaded with jargon – i.e. overly technical, insider language – which can make many business leaders feel as though that reporting software isn’t the best fit (and in many cases, it’s not).  You need reporting software that makes sense for your brand while delivering information in a simplistic, down-to-earth manner.

Problem #4: It’s Too Old-School

Report generator software has undergone major changes in the past few years – and if you haven’t updated since then, you’re missing out on some great features.  From mobile-friendly designs to enhanced reporting tools, it might be time to refresh what you’ve been working with.

Problem #5: It’s Something You Inherited

We’ve all been there. You’re brought into a new company, with their own reporting processes and ways of doing business.  So you grit your teeth, log into the reporting system, and find yourself struggling to understand why people are still using this outdated, overly complicated software.

It’s time to put an end to terrible, inconsistent report generator software.  It’s time to get your hands on mobile software that goes where you go – and delivers the exact information your business needs to grow.

Guess what? We’ve found precisely what you’re looking for – and even better, it’s 100% FREE.