Quick – what kind of information do you get from your web based reporting?

If you answered “financials,” get more specific than that.  What kind of financial information can you see?  Sure, you can see how your bottom line is doing – but does your report go further than that?  Does it:


  • Show you how many sales each sales person is making?
  • Help you understand you’re spending on labor costs each week?
  • Help you identify what your most popular product is?
  • Show you who your most valuable customers are?

Without this information, it’s difficult to understand what actions contribute to your company’s success. That means every decision you’re making is a shot in the dark – and that could spell disaster for your organization.

Your Report is a Roadmap

Think we’re being dramatic?  Think again – your web reports should act as blueprints to how you can grow your business to bigger successes.  Your company’s financials are trying to tell you a story; if your report isn’t showing you what that story might be, you’re missing out on truly valuable growth opportunities.

Still not convinced that your report needs an update?  Think you can make do with what you currently have within your organization?  We’re not so sure – so take a look at the three signs you need better web based reporting:

1. Your investors and stakeholders always have financial questions. Picture this scenario – you walk into a boardroom to talk to your investors.  You show them all the documents about your company’s financials – and you pretty much expect a standing ovation by the time you’re done.  But instead of applauding your efforts, your investors are asking more questions than you know how to answer.

You need the kind of report that accurately details costs, effort, all expenditure, and profits by salesperson, customer, and date.  Without this information, you’re just fishing in the dark – and your investors definitely won’t be okay with that!

2. Your financials have taken you by surprise: You should never be in a position where your company’s financials suddenly surprise you – especially if your report reveals important seasonal trends.  Your report should give you a heads-up about any potential disasters that might occur so you and your employees can quickly prepare.

3. Your updates aren’t made in real-time: Let’s face it – you need the kind of report that shows you what’s going on with your company’s financials by the second.  If your report doesn’t let you do that, you’re missing out on serious growth opportunities.  Face it – you need to know how much money your company is making by the second.  What’s more, you need to know what products are selling, who’s buying, and which salespeople are the most successful.

Can your reporting tool do all of that?


We didn’t think so.  That’s why you should download the web based reporting tool that can help you do all that – and more – right here.

Go on – start building the kind of successful business you deserve.