Drive insightful business decisions with Zip POS Dashboard

Easy-to-read concise reports drawn from advanced business analytics.

Fast & Easy Setup for a POS Software

No stressful setup.

Our software will automatically hook up to your POS system and take care of all the nitty-gritty steps so you can get your system set up within minutes.

Gain information to use for insight right away.

Start receiving your reports on the day you set up so that you can make necessary business decisions before it’s too late.

Keep data history.

Zip POS Dashboard hooks up to the POS system and saves all of your past data so you can gain insight from it, and you won’t have to worry about losing any of your data either.

All-Level Data Analysis

Generate Daily & Weekly Hourly Business Reports

Get daily or weekly business reports on key performance indicators to keep up with the status of your business.

Generate Daily, Weekly & Monthly Business Cash Report.

Zip POS Dashboard provides a dimensional view of business Cash Reports to help you manage your daily cash balance on a weekly basis.

Advance Business Data Analysis.

Zip POS Dashboard provides various dimensional views so you can respond quickly to trends and patterns of your business. Analyze your POS information from historical data all the way through today.

Detailed POS Reports Analysis

Receive the necessary information to take action.

Have reports for net sales, sales per labor hour, and more at your arsenal when making business decisions. Zip POS Dashboard provides all the information you need so that you can be equipped with the proper insight that will help you grow your business.

Real-time ad-hoc reporting.

The advanced analytics is all automated for you so that you don’t have to do all the work. Receive insightful data driven from POS to your system within moments.

Save your favorite shift schedules as templates.

Do you have special hours and schedules for different holidays throughout the year? No worries, you can save favorite schedules as templates and use the template to quickly formulate a new schedule.

Easily copy a previous weeks employee shift schedule.

If there aren’t big changes from week to week, you can copy the previous week’s schedule and make one or two tweaks to create a new schedule.

Create standard shifts for any position.

Save any common shift to speed up scheduling. Just drop the shifts into employee slots rather than creating a new one each time.

Information Stored in a Central Repository

Store data history.

Collecting all the data from a POS system into one location allows you to store large amounts of past data from which you can draw insights.

Keep data secure.

Data is securly kept with documentation and administration authorization.

Recover from data loss.

Storing the repository in a cloud server helps recover data during an unfortunate data loss event.

Instant communication with team.

With Zip Schedules, employees receive their schedule the minute it is published. Managers can take immediate action when employees accept future shifts offered by coworkers, request time off and availability changes.

Keep employees informed of news and events.

Send organization and store wide messages to keep employees informed of any important news or alerts. Make sure your employees always know what’s going on.

Employee confidentiality is respected.

Using a closed loop messaging system, Zip Schedules allows mobile communication between employees without sharing email addresses and telephone numbers to the staff.

iPhone and Android Apps Coming Soon

Improving mobility & accessibility.

Integrate with your POS system and receive information anytime, anywhere. Receive POS reports through Zip POS Dashboard’s mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Read reports in your native tongue.

Zip POS Dashboard is offered in multiple languages to make your experience the best it can be.

Select from any of our four languages.

Choose to use Zip POS Dashboard in English, Spanish, French, or Chinese.

Multiple Ways to Generate Data

Generate Sales Reports in PDF & CSV documents.

Zip POS Dashboard gives the option of generating reports in PDF or CSV format. Share information more easily with PDF, and breakdown data more easily using CSV format to develop “what if” scenarios to help take new business actions.

Improve guest service and lower labor costs.

By scheduling the right people at the right time guest service will improve while lowering labor costs at the same time.

Control labor budget during schedule creation.

Zip Schedules allows you to setup your preferred labor percentage of sales to use as a guide when creating schedules.

Automatically generate daily sales forecasts.

Zip Schedules generates daily sales forecasts based on historical sales and transactions to make business more predictable.

Online Schedule Templates

Save special schedules as templates.

Quickly save any schedule as a template to use for special events, holidays, promotions, etc. Once a template has been saved you can load it at anytime.

Create your weekly schedule in minutes.

Save yourself time using the load template feature. If you have some minor schedule changes, quickly change them by easily editing any shift.

Schedule Templates
Open Shifts

Open Shifts

Offer shifts that come up last second.

Don’t be caught off guard if business picks up and you have a schedule opening that needs to be filled. Create unassigned shifts that can be offered to any eligible employee.

Quickly offer and fill unassigned shifts.

When employees turnover, their shifts need to be filled. Those shifts are saved as unassigned shifts which can easily be offered to all employees.

Multiple Locations

Manage all sites in one place.

With Zip Schedules, you can manage all organization sites through your account. Easily add sites as you grow and manage all of their schedules from one account.

Share employees between sites.

Make an employee shared if they work at multiple sites. You’ll always know when that employee is scheduled at another site as it is clearly displayed on the schedule.

Multiple Locations
Employee Management

Employee Management

Save time by easily importing employees.

Start creating schedules in the first 15 minutes by quickly importing employees. Than quickly assign job ratings to appear when creating schedules.

Handle schedule changes during employee turnover.

Easily reassign shifts left open when employee turnover happens. Assign special labor laws for part time employees to avoid costly fines.

Swap Shifts

Empower employees to manage their schedules.

Employees can offer and accept shifts from coworkers. Managers can easily approve or disapprove any shift swap request from the web or any mobile device.

Offer shifts to multiple employees.

Multiple employees can accept a shift swap schedule request. Zip Schedules than gives managers a suggested best fit for the shift that they can approve or disapprove.

Swap Shifts
Time Off

Time Off

Easily handle time off requests.

Allow employees to submit time off requests with a provided reason. Quickly review the time off request and approve or reject it.

Don’t schedule employee when they are unavailable.

Automatically see employee time off when creating schedules. Don’t accidently schedule an employee when they have an approved time off.


Schedule in your native tongue.

Zip Schedules is offered in mutiple languages to make your scheduling experience the best it can be.

Select from any of our five languages.

Choose to use Zip Schedules in English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin.

Multi Language
Zip Clock Integration

Integrates with Zip Clock

Enforce your schedule from anywhere.

With a direct link to Zip Clock, you can easily enforce your employee schedules. Using a standalone clock, managers can monitor time punches from any web or mobile device.

Payroll reports that import with any payroll provider.

Publish punch management reports that can be exported as CSV files to import with any payroll provider. Track punches and edits to protect yourself from potential audits that could hurt your bottom line.

Enterprise-level quality without an enterprise-level price tag. In fact, no price tag at all.

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