Project Description

How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip POS Dashboard

How Zip POS Dashboard can help those who lack of business experience.

The white paper “How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip POS Dashboard” will discuss how Zip POS Dashboard can help those who lack business experience.

Martin Chatsworth Martin Chatsworth

Martin Chatsworth grew up helping his family’s  diner in North Carolina. He was always helping his father in the kitchen, and eventually inherited the diner when he turned twenty. He grew the business until it had several locations, but then sold the diners when he retired in 2009. Now, Martin enjoys traveling the world with his wife while writing part time.

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What people have said about the Zip POS Dashboard white paper

Tamara Bird

Tamara Bird, Owner, Tammy’s Treats

“It was tough starting my own business right after I graduated college. There was a lot of trial on error in the beginning, but I can see how having Zip POS Dashboard could have really helped me with understanding all the end of day reports that I would try and decipher. ”

Kenny Richards

Kenny Richards, CEO, Roadhouse

“I’ve been reading the same reports for years, and I never thought about changing. After reading this, I decided to try out Zip POS Dashboard and it’s definitely an upgrade from what I’ve been using.”

Alexander Mock

Alexander Mock, Operations, Waterfront Bar

“Regardless of having business experience or not, I think Zip POS Dashboard is a good alternative to the static reports that my bar’s system provide for me. Any software that can help me make my work load easier at an affordable price is always welcome in my business.”