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Zip POS Dashboard Web Application Goes Live

New POS reporting software brings free business analytics to SMBs

Costa Mesa, CA – Hubworks, the maker of Zip Schedules and Zip Clock, today announced the release of its new web-based POS reporting software. The software turns complex data into smarter data by breaking down the data collected from the POS system and generate various dimensional views. This allows small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers to see and understand trends, patterns, and outliers in their business, and gives them the insight to make smarter business decisions.

POS reports can be dry and a bore to look at, and this makes it difficult and unpleasant to draw insight from them. “Our customers told us they wanted something simple, affordable and easy,” said Hubworks Product Manager Adam Yee. “They wanted to not only receive data, but to receive data that’s easy to read and easy to understand.”

With Zip POS Dashboard, business owners can view and monitor the status of their business with real-time updates from one location. Owners don’t need to go from location to location and have managers send reports at the end of every day to them, and with the complimentary mobile applications they can stay updated while on the go.

The cost of POS systems is thousands of dollars per site, and this cost can easily grow. This causes SMBs to not have enough in their budget to purchase POS reporting software. Understanding this, Hubworks wants to be able to help and offer something that doesn’t require credit cards, sign contracts and hidden fees.

“Zip POS Dashboard helps me stay up to date with how business is doing,” said Jon Evrard, General Manager at Fresh Griller. “These reports are easy to read, and are a whole lot better than looking at Excel sheets full of data. The reports that are generated provide all the appropriate levels of data needed for me to understand what is happening day-to-day, weekly and monthly.”

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