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Zip POS Dashboard Released Its Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Requests for a mobile app have been answered.

mobile-apps-for-android-and-iosCosta Mesa, CA, December 7, 2015 – Hubworks, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for small business operations, announces today, the release of Zip POS Dashboard’ mobile app for Android and iOS.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS were a huge missing piece for the reporting solution offered by Hubworks. One of the great appeals for mobile apps for Zip POS Dashboard is being able to access reports anywhere at anytime. With the mobile apps available for both Android and iOS, managers and owners can stay up to date with their business while they are away from their office or computer. While the design and interface for the software looks impressive on the computer, the mobile design gives it a run for its money.

The reports are just as easy to read and understand on the mobile app as it is on the computer screen. It’s helpful for empowering managers and allowing them to check the POS reports for the site(s) that they manage. Managers have too much on their plate to sit down and look at computer screen. Taking this into account, the mobile app’s design makes it is easy to navigate through.

Keep your eye out for new innovative developments and improvements in the future. While you’re here, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app for your phone now!

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