As a restaurant owner or manager, you know how busy it can get out there on the floor.  If you’re not checking in with employees and customers, you’re helping your chefs develop the most delicious foods possible. When you manage to squeeze in a bit of office time, you’re managing employee issues, creating schedules, and checking in on revenue to see how your restaurant is doing.

With so much on your plate (no pun intended), it’s easy to not recognize the HUGE signs that you need real time reports.


Gone are the days when business reports were designed solely for Fortune 500 companies.  Gone are the days when restaurants had to rely on paper-and-pen processes in order to track their business success.  We’re even about to shun Excel spreadsheets here…

Because we think you deserve a lot better than these scenarios:

Labor Costs Keep Surprising You

When you run a restaurant, you can’t exactly predict when customers are going to come streaming in, or how many waiters you’ll need on the floor.  That’s why employee scheduling can be such a hassle – and unexpected or unplanned labor costs can end up sucking up much-needed revenue.

That’s why restaurants need real time reports that show exactly how much they’re spending on labor costs at any given time.  Knowing this information at any exact second – rather than being surprised by it at the end of the week – is part of a winning formula for any restaurant.

There’s Too Much Manual Work

Think about how much free time you have throughout the day.  Chances are, you’re running around your restaurant, trying to do as much as possible in the limited span of time you have.

It’s not like you have tons of free time to input manual data, is it?

If you find you have to track restaurant revenue by hand or with complicated Excel spreadsheets, that’s all time that could be invested back into your business.  Therefore, you need real time reports that can help you grow your restaurant’s success…

Not hold you back!

You Can’t Find What You Need

Notice a theme here?  You have enough tasks and responsibilities you have to worry about – the last thing you want to do is sift through a report to find the information you need to make a decision.

If you feel like you need a college degree just to figure out how to manage your restaurant reports, it may be time to simplify.  After all, you don’t have all the time in the world to sit around shuffling through spreadsheets – you need your information, and you need it fast!

You’re Ready for a Change!

Of course, the biggest problem with your restaurant report is that it makes you feel like you need a major change.  If that’s precisely what you’re looking for, it’s time to discover better real time reports – ones that can grow your restaurant business to success!