Pardon the pun, but running a restaurant is no picnic – especially if you’re the owner or manager.  As soon as you walk through the doors of your restaurant, you’re busy creating employee schedules, planning out amazing new dishes for your customers, and reviewing your previous night’s sales.

It’s enough to make you feel like you need dozens of personal assistants!

If the above sounds familiar, then it’s time you introduced a restaurant report into your day-to-day operations.  This kind of report takes all the benefits of analytic business reporting and tweaks it for restaurant use.


For example, an analytic report can help you identify labor costs.  A restaurant reporting tool takes those same metrics and shows you how many employees you’ll need to have on staff for the upcoming week.  By identifying past seasonal trends – as well as accounting for your restaurant’s budgeting needs – you can ensure you’re not overspending (or underspending!) on your restaurant workers.

Sounds pretty cool, right?  That’s not even the half of it.  If you display any of the below four signs, then you need to download a restaurant report, stat!

1. You Take It Day By Day

Sure, that’s a great way to operate when you’re just starting out in the restaurant industry.  But what happens if you want to start growing your business?  What if you want to maximize your profits without going increasing your costs?

A report can act as a blueprint for how you can grow your restaurant.  By analyzing seasonal trends, profits, and expenditure, you can make smarter decisions about what you need to do to grow your business.

2. You’re Always Reactive

At some degree, it might feel like you’re always reacting to things in your restaurant.  After all, things are popping up all the time – how can you expect to prepare for them?

Analytics reporting can give you valuable insight into what’s likely to happen in your restaurant, so you can stay prepared.  Forget being surprised by labor costs, or noticing a huge drop in customers for the season.  You’ll know these things are coming – and you’ll be prepared to meet them head-on.

3. You Don’t Have Time to Breathe

Feel like you’re always running around, trying to get everything done?  With data reporting, you can identify the biggest priority tasks, so you can tackle those as soon as you walk through the doors of your restaurant.  When you’re spending more time on the tasks that have a bigger impact, that means more of your time can be spent focusing on growing your restaurant’s success.

4. You Want to Dazzle Investors

Want people to invest in your restaurant? Then you need the kind of data that only an analytics report can provide you.  Get ready to impress investors with your sales, expenditures, labor costs, and projected growth!

Discover Your Own Restaurant Report Ready to take your restaurant business to the next level?  Discover the power of a restaurant report today!