POS Reporting Software Company Explains Reasons to Switch to Electronic Restaurant Management Software 

Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard’ Senior Developer today revealed important warning signs that a restaurant’s transaction products are out of date, announcing that installing restaurant management software could make the difference between inefficient, disappointing waiter-diner interactions and satisfying, superior guest experiences.

The Senior Developer urges restaurant managers to reflect upon their current transactional procedures, considering how the use of outdated transaction equipment has hindered their business’ ability to serve patrons quickly and effectively:


“Are your guests being delivered what they asked for? If chefs are consistently butchering orders and waiters are frequently botching diner requests, this could be a crucial sign that it’s time to invest in restaurant management software.”

Restaurant management software can keep waiters and chefs from having to shout back and forth to one another over the clamor of clanking dishes and sizzling sauté pans, according to Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer. On-screen ordering capabilities allow waiters to enter orders more accurately, and chefs instantly receive notice that a dish must be prepared. Even if a waiter had been writing orders on paper and delivering them to the line cooks, kitchen management software could still be the solution to missed ingredients and incorrect dishes. Poor handwriting is often a contributing factor to order mix-ups, and restaurant management or kitchen management software can remedy that.

“Make sure your waiters are turning over tables as quickly as they should,” says Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer, who cautions that slower service can spell longer wait times, resulting in perturbed patrons.

“It can get frustrating to wait forever on the ticket, and just as annoying for waiters who are required to calculate meal tickets and factor in taxes by hand. By investing in restaurant management software, restaurants can significantly reduce time spent crunching numbers by making use of the software’s instant calculating and reporting functions.”

Additional ticket issues can arise without the use of restaurant management software, such as trouble splitting checks and limited payment flexibility.

“It’s a headache splitting checks without the use of restaurant management software, which can cut the time figuring payment amounts in half. Waiters can simply pull up ordering information on an electronic kiosk by table, instantly assigning food items to separate payees without having to make the calculations themselves. For this reason, restaurant management software is a real time saver. The software also allows servers to print checks instantly, giving diners the option of paying for meals from the comfort of their tables rather than standing in a long line at the front counter. In this manner, restaurant owners are able to provide their guests with an elevated level of convenience and a more leisurely dining experience.”