Install Table-Side Tablets in Your Restaurant without Compromising Business Intelligence

hotnews_10-15-2015_restaurantpos_bigCosta Mesa, CA:
Table-side tablets are cropping up everywhere, and at an increasing rate, according to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager. He today announced that a shift towards customer transaction convenience doesn’t have to spell the demise of robust, detailed merchant analytics. In fact, Zip POS Dashboard’ Restaurant Pos reporting software is compatible with this restaurant pos ipad of sorts. After guests ‘tap’ their way to table service, order placement, payment, and even play games from the comfort of their seats with table tablets, restaurant managers can access the data stored on these devices by using Zip POS Dashboard reporting software to gain access to even richer transaction data than before.

“Why should a manager implement table-side tablets?” asks Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager. He reveals the answer to this question while outlining some factors one should consider:

“Table-side tablets aren’t for everyone, but they aren’t something to automatically shy away from, either. Some restaurant managers wish to retain a traditional vibe throughout their restaurant, adhering to the fact that this very ambience is part of their brand and the experience they strive to deliver to each guest. The addition of table-side tablets might take away from the intimate, social-oriented atmosphere they’ve worked so hard to conjure. Still, others are open to the idea of making Restaurant Pos software available to the public in tablet form, recognizing the convenience factor that’s making it so popular in the first place. Many guests enjoy the quicker, more convenient service they feel they receive with the tablets. Instead of waiting on a server to present the check during a power lunch, for example, guests can pay immediately and get back to the office quicker.”

In addition to the benefits table-side restaurant pos provides customers, it also holds surprising benefits for restaurant owners – especially where restaurant pos analytics is concerned.

“Table-side restaurant pos software, such as tablets, offer convenience for restaurant owners, too,” insists Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager.

He explains that this restaurant pos software allows servers to turn more tables while freeing them to help out other wait staff. Table-side tablets also open restaurant owner’s to a world of untapped data in the form of service questionnaires and surveys. Short surveys are at guests’ fingertips, prompting them to divulge their experience at a restaurant. The sense of urgency and convenience afforded by the tablet makes guests much more likely to complete the surveys at their tables than if they’d been asked to complete a survey online once they arrived home. The result is more detailed data at a restaurant owner’s fingertips, and more of it. And with the help of Zip POS Dashboard’ free restaurant pos reporting software, viewing this data is simpler and more convenient than ever.

“If you’re going to opt for table-side restaurant pos software,” says Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, “it’s nice to know that you can still benefit from the use of our analytics software while gaining some additional customer insights.”