Industry-Focused Software Features Improve Data Accuracy and Strengthen Processes

Costa Mesa, CA: Restaurant POS systems software, Zip POS Dashboard, supplies automatic discount, coupon, and surcharge-finding features that are drastically reducing the time restaurant managers and owners are spending analyzing operational and business transaction data. In addition, accuracy of information found within restaurant POS software data is significantly improving. The automated software allows restaurant owners to ‘set and forget’ their business analytics tasks in favor of spending more time focusing on guest interaction and other major aspects of running a restaurant business.

“Our software for restaurant POS systems is ‘smart’, because it’s capable of sorting the actual amount customers are paying from costs of doing business with credit card processing software,’ says Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer.

According to the Senior Developer, Zip POS Dashboard’ innovative restaurant POS systems software is capable of sifting through the data generated during each and every credit card swipe to deduce which portion of a payment was intended to cover transaction fee costs and which portion was allocated to the restaurant as payment for food, beverages, and service provided.

There’s often a surcharge assessed to merchants by card issuers, which may or may not be passed on in the form of a fee to customers during a transaction. In some states, the assessment of surcharge fees to customers is banned. In these instances, restaurant owners must bear the cost of the credit card fees for every transaction made with their restaurant POS systems. Zip POS Dashboard is becoming especially vital to merchants in this predicament, in that it can ease the burden of separating fees from profits in cash register receipts and make it clear how much revenue they actually made per transaction. Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer remarks on the dangers of not sorting out this data:

“Don’t let surcharge fees slip under the radar when it comes to performing business analytics. The results are oftentimes disastrous. The surcharge fee may seem like a minute chunk of cash to be concerned with, but it can add up quickly. Our restaurant POS software sorts this out by collecting the data from restaurant POS systems automatically, helping you get back to running your business while making a huge difference in the interpretation of your business information. Eliminate costly miscalculations that could lead to poor operational decisions based on inaccurate data with our restaurant POS systems software.”

Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer details other figure-finding features of the company’s restaurant POS systems software, which includes discounts and coupons. He insists that these items are as essential to keep track of as credit card surcharges, and Zip POS Dashboard software can do just that:

“Know which of your transactions included the use of coupons, or which items were offered at a discount. This is the key to unlocking valuable data, such as how successful a sale was and whether or not you should run one in the future. The applications of our Restaurant Pos Systems software are endless, and undoubtedly useful. The industry has seen a surge in operational success as a result of its phenomenal features.”