Have an Orderly Workspace, Qualified Employees behind the Counter, and a Solid Troubleshooting Plan in Place for Improved Customer Service Experiences 

Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager has developed his own mental checklist for improving the overall look, functionality, and customer approval ratings of a business’ retail POS software terminal, and shares his insights into improving customer relations and experiences at the checkout counter:


“Some might say th Zip POS Dashboardat a company’s retail POS software is only as good as the employees who operate it, but I’d say getting the most out of retail point of sale software requires selecting a quality product and ensuring employees are knowledgeable and well-trained,” says Zip POS Dashboard‘ Product Manager, who insists that the same applies when considering improvements to retail POS software terminal operations.

According to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, one of the most effective ways to improve customer satisfaction at the retail POS terminal is to place qualified, well-trained employees behind the counter. And if there’s a learning curve that accommodates newly-installed retail POS software, make sure it has been surmounted by employees before they are let loose to operate POS terminals.

“Knowing the product makes the transaction process easier for the associate as well as the customer,” says Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, “and it makes lines move faster. It’s a surefire way to score points with customers.”

Additional takeaways from Zip POS Dashboard‘ Product Manager include keeping the retail POS software terminal space organized and tidy, and ensuring a protocol has been established for handling unforeseen errors and retail POS software malfunctions.

“Clutter can be one of the single-most off-putting things to a customer,” says Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, who suggests investing in storage compartments or organizational systems to keep loose papers and supplies out of sight.

Keeping files stashed away beneath the counter might sound less than desirable, but it might be necessary if no other immediate options exist, according to Zip POS Dashboard‘ Product Manager, who feels that how a business’ retail POS software terminal appears to customers is crucial in improving satisfaction rates. Equally important is keeping an ‘error contingency’ plan in place, which should include a consistent set of steps employees must take with all customers when the retail POS terminal freezes or transactions aren’t processing correctly. Doing so ensures equal interactions and the same quality of service amongst all customers.

“Above all else, listen to what customers have to say,” says Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager, who explains that both positive and negative feedback can work to a business’ advantage to improve the overall checkout experience:

“Create a suggestions box, and place it next to the retail POS software terminal or on the counter where it’s readily visible to customers. Allow patrons to drop suggestions for improvement into this box, and see what they come up with. It’s an ingenious way for customers – and employees – to air any grievances with their retail POS software experiences in a constructive manner, all the while helping your store improve the retail POS software experience.”