Zip POS Dashboard Figurehead Encourages Retail Management to Take Down-Time, Money, and Headache-Reducing Steps for No-Hassle Retail Pos System Installation

 Costa Mesa, CA: Adequate preparation can help ease installation-day stress and promote a smoother retail pos system installation process. Once retail managers have scheduled a pos software installation date, taking advantage of essential resources while securing appropriate measures to ready the office for pos arrival can ensure seamless integration of this new retail cash register technology into any storefront.


“As a retail manager, you’re the ambassador for your store and employees,” says Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer. “You’re who installation technicians will look to for answers, and you’re also the one responsible for asking questions on behalf of your company and employees. For these reasons, be available and present during the installation date. Bring employees along too, if feasible. One of them may pose an important question you hadn’t thought of, or could perhaps benefit from software instructions given by the technician. The more employees you have on board and on the same page during a retail pos system install, the better. But above all else, make sure you’re available.”

“Take advantage of technical support,” Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer adds, “and take up any free training offers provided by the vendor. Even instructional videos can become powerful tools in the event of a system malfunction or meltdown. Following the install, everyone will be in a bit of a stupor. Allow your employees – and yourself – to get up to speed, and be patient. New retail pos software takes time for everyone to get accustomed to.”

Zip POS Dashboard‘ Senior Developer also encourages retail managers to take advantage of the precious time between installation scheduling and the installation date, stressing the importance of getting a couple of crucial tasks knocked out before the retail pos system software arrives:

“Make sure your electrical systems are wired to support the influx of new equipment that accompanies retail pos system software. If the building doesn’t have one currently, have a dedicated, grounded circuit installed. Also, don’t overlook Internet installation. If you aren’t running broadband, chances are, you’ll lose valuable operating time and business once you realize you have a brand new retail pos system installed and no way to operate it. Since so many retail pos systems operate online these days, you’d be wise to schedule broadband installation well ahead of the retail pos system installation date – unless you’re willing to offer yourself and your employees an extended vacation.”