Let’s face it – sales reporting isn’t exactly the most exciting task on the planet, is it?  In fact, many businesses and entrepreneurs still use Excel documents and outdated spreadsheets to report sales that they’re bringing in.

That means business owners and their employees have to scour through hundreds of documents just to find the sales information they need – and that can be a serious drain on time and resources.

Fortunately, sales reporting has gone through significant upgrades over the past few years.  There are more sales reporting apps on the market today than ever before; many of which offer a variety of cool functions and features.


If you haven’t discovered any of these sales reporting apps for yourself yet, it’s time to see all the cool features you can take advantage of in your own business.

More Information On-Demand

As previously mentioned, sales reporting used to rely solely on pen-and-paper documentation.  That meant that business owners needed to search through all those documents to find what they were looking for – and even then, there was no guarantee that information was actually useful.

Today’s generation of sales reporting apps make it possible to get the precise information you need, right when you need it.  That means no more wasting hours trying to find what you’re looking for – all you need is the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger.

That means business leaders can focus on the things that really matter – like their companies!

The Stuff Presentations are Made of

Sales reporting will always be a crucial component of presentations for employees, clients, and stakeholders.  Unfortunately, sales numbers can be difficult to present in a visually pleasing and instantly understandable method.  What’s more, business leaders had to tease out this information themselves and create an entire graph or presentation.

Not exactly the most economical use of time, if you ask us.

Today, sales reporting apps take it to the next level by compiling your most important information into easy-to-read, easily digestible information.   This can be done in seconds, which means business leaders can give presentations on the go.

Forget spending hours tussling with PowerPoint or trying to explain complicated sales numbers to a potential investor.  With just a simple app, your sales reporting can get taken to the next level

Intuitive Big Data Reporting

You don’t need a Big Data budget to enjoy all the benefits of analytics.  Today’s generation of sales reporting apps have made it incredibly easy to discern valuable information from your company’s sales numbers – all in mere seconds.  So whether you’re trying to identify seasonal trends or you’re trying to figure out what inventory to re-order next year, sales reporting can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Want the Latest Sales Reporting App?

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