If you have a sales team within your organization, it’s safe to say you need a sales activity report.  Heck, even if you don’t have a sales team, but you’re moving products off of your shelves, you need some kind of report that breaks down what you’ve been selling.

Without a sales report, you’re just flying blind.  After all, how can you say what products have been the most successful?  What products are most popular with your customers?  What inventory is actually eating up more revenue than it’s making?sales-activity-report

If you had to pause to think about that question, you’re missing out on critical information.  Don’t leave these answers up to chance; instead, get the information you need to understand how to optimize your sales.

What is a Sales Activity Report?

If you’re not sure what a sales report is, think of it as a comprehensive report card for your sales team.  With this simple report, you can get a snapshot of how many sales you’re making (whether it’s by year, month, or even day), which sales person is selling the most, how many customers are buying, and which inventory is flying off of your company’s shelves like hotcakes.

Without this kind of information, you’re essentially making decisions about your business without any real kind of intel.  That means you’re just one bad decision away from creating a disaster within your company…

Reassuring, right?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three more reasons why you need a sales activity report:

You Can Make Better Decisions

As previously mentioned, without an activity report, it can be very difficult to make smarter decisions.  When you have all the information you need right in front of you (like who’s buying, what’s selling, how much you’re making, etc.), you can make better business decisions with more confidence.  What’s more, you can make decision faster – and when you want to grow a successful business, faster is key!

You Can Re-Order the Right Products

If you don’t know what your most popular inventory might be, you might not order the right products.  That could be a problem, especially if your most popular product suddenly sells out.  Ideally, you want to continually order all the most popular products, while minimizing the number of unpopular products you have in stock.  That way, you’re not wasting money – and your revenue can keep on growing!

You Can Change Any Red Flags

Without a sales activity report, it can be tough to realize there’s a problem with your sales until it’s too late.  With these reports, you can catch problems before they become a massive issue for your organization.  That way, you can quickly implement strategies to minimize risks and problems – keeping your company afloat!

Download the Only Sales Activity Report You’ll Need

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