Quick – do you know what’s happening in your sales funnel right now?

If you had to spend even longer than a couple of seconds thinking about it, that’s far too long.  Your sales funnel – where qualified leads turn into loyal customers – is one of the most important components of your business.  In fact, we even go so far as to say it’s your company’s lifeblood.

So if you don’t have sales reporting set up yet, you’re heading for trouble.

Sales Reporting – Why Your Sales Tell a Story

Sales reporting goes beyond the normal metrics and dives deep into the story your sales funnel is trying to tell.  Rather than just the basic overview of how many sales have been made, you’re looking at the lifespan of a lead.  Sales reporting make it possible to see what campaigns are driving leads, how often your sales team is interacting with them, and what potential obstacles are preventing them from becoming customers.


When you’re able to see this story laid out in front of you, you’re in a much better place to identify where you can strength your company’s sales.

Need a little more convincing?  Here are three reasons why you need sales reporting:

Reason 1: You Can’t Play Guessing Games

Games are fun at family gatherings – they’re not exactly fun in your business.  Save the guessing games for your next big party.  Your sales funnel is a place where you need to know exactly what’s happening.  Only a sales reporting tool can provide that information to you, since you can see what’s happening to a lead as soon as they enter the funnel.

That means you won’t have to guess at why a lead didn’t convert – you’ll know for sure and be able to make corrections right away.

Reason 2: It Cuts the Learning Curve

In addition to helping you identify how to turn leads into customers, a sales report can help you cut the learning curve for your next major campaign.  For example, if you sent out an email campaign that got a record number of leads, a sales report can help you identify what components of that campaign made it so successful.

That means you can replicate the results – and start cashing in on all that success.

Reason 3: It Makes Your Life Easier

As a business leader, you have a lot going on – and you don’t always have the time to hunt through your company data to tease out crucial information.  That’s precisely why you need a top-tier sales reporting app by your side, so all that information is laid out right in front of you.

In fact, with the right sales report tool, you can do it all with just the tap of a finger on your smartphone.

Take Your Sales to New Heights

Ready to turn your sales funnel into a lead-converting, customer-generating machine?

Then it’s time to get your hands on the hottest sales reporting app available.