High Performance Software for University Education Food Services

Universities often maintain several different food concepts, which makes it hard to juggle. Knowing how each food service is doing when there’s so many options on campus can be rather difficult. Zip POS Dashboard will help each individual food service on campus stay updated with how business is doing. It’s important to know how much to prepare and when the rush hours are when there’s tens of thousands and students on campus. Zip POS Dashboard will help discover trends and patterns that will allow food services to prep and plan accordingly for the waves of students that comes their way.

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The Solution for Your Reporting Needs

Plan Instead of React

Being quick and fast can only do so much for a business. However, it is important to be aware of trends and patterns so that you can plan accordingly. Acting by only reacting will result in you falling behind.

Data Driven for Success

Everyone wants to make the right decisions, but the question is how do they do that? Many people rely on their ‘gut feelings’, but there should be some informed reasoning behind their decisions. Zip POS Dashboard helps lead people to form these informed decisions by providing point of sale data in ways that can easily be analyzed and draw insight from.

Data Visualization

See the big picture at a glance with graphs and charts. Instead of flipping through pages of spreadsheets and cells of data to try to gain insight, just open the Dashboard on your desktop or mobile device and get instant information from easy to read reports.


As owners, it’s important to make sure that you’re store managers and supervisors are well aware of the status of their respective site’s business. With Zip POS Dashboard, they can increase accountability with one another.

Enterprise-level quality without an enterprise-level price tag. In fact, no price tag at all.

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