Michelle Jaco

Michelle is a California girl who loves to explore interesting and new things to do. She’s been to Europe, been to every theme park in Southern California and is always looking for the next thrill. She uses her experiences to craft her writing into interesting topics.

Advanced Analytics- What it is & Why it Matters

Data-driven businesses engage data analytics to stay on top of the game. Advanced analytics is taking superior predictive analytics to a whole new level.
advanced analytics what it is why it matters

The Different Forms of Customer Data & How to Extract Value from Them

Analyzing data can help a company understand the customer journey, client acquisition, client retention, and satisfaction.
the different forms of customer data how to extract value from them

What is a Data Management Platform?

Data management platforms are utilized to create advertising campaigns to reach target audiences. Read more about DMPs here.
what is a data management platform

What is Cloud Data Management?

Cloud data management provides improved data accessibility and security for businesses. Learn how to increase profit and clientele using cloud solutions.
what is cloud data management

The Different Facets of Data Cloud Storage- What It Is & How It Works

Understanding the varied cloud computing models is the quickest route toward determining the best solution for your organization.
the different facets of data cloud storage what it is how it works

Cloud Computing in Business- What It Is & Why It Matters

Learn about cloud-based computing solutions, what they are, their benefits, and why business can, and should, be taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology.
cloud computing in business what it is why it matters

What is Enterprise Data Management & How Does it Work?

Implementing enterprise data management can be as straightforward as managing data for a small business through the use of a systematized approach.
what is enterprise data management how does it work

What is a Data Analytics Dashboard?

Data analytic dashboards are becoming more of a necessity than ever, as they facilitate the accessibility of critical business-centric data quickly.
what is a data analytics dashboard