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POS Reporting and Business Intelligence

An easier way to manage sales data from your point of sale.

insightful pos reports

Generate insightful pos reports in minutes

Real-time ad-hoc reporting

Understanding all your point of sale data can be a complicated process when your pos system doesn't consolidate the information well. You have reports of net sales, sales per labor hour, and more but what next? With Zip POS Dashboard you have access to insightful data driven from POS to your system in real-time.

Receive the necessary information to take action

Zip POS Dashboard provides all the information you need to be equipped with business insights that will help you grow your business. The pos reprting is automated for you so that you don’t have to do all the work.

track daily sale and transactions

Keep track of daily sales and transactions

Generate hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports

Zip POS Dashboard provides for your needs with all levels of data. Get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly pos reports. Being able to access all of these different levels of data provides a dimensional view of sales and transactional activity, which gives you the edge needed to identify trends and make comparisons.

Advanced business data analysis

store pos data in the cloud

Store POS data history in the cloud

Save historical point of sale data

Depending on your point of sale, any sales or transaction data may erase after a month or two. With Zip POS Dashboard all of your data is saved and used to provide actionable insights that will help you make better business decisions.

Keep business pos data secure

Mobile POS Data Reporting Apps - Easy and Free!

Make better business decisions with instant access to POS reports in real-time.

key performance indicator reports

Access reports for key performance indicators

As a business owner, you can monitor the real-time performance of your business without having to go to each site.

With our mobile app, managers can check their POS reports anytime, anywhere without having to view the reports from the office computer.

business intelligence dashboard

Understand what is happening in your business

There is a sense of accountability when information is known and shared.

Owners can check up on managers when they notice problems with the business.

When information sheds light on company weaknesses and problems, there needs to be action that follows.

pos data insights

Make smarter decisions with POS data insights

Understand what is happening in your business through POS data analysis and gain discernment from the insight you receive.

Perform business performance analysis with automatically generated charts and graphs.

And, view data for the key performance indicators (KPI) with detail. Choose one KPI for in-depth information from the multiple reports that automatically generate.

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