Hotel Point of Sale Reports

Set your Bar up for success.

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Save time, and money
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Enhance Customer Relationships

Thousands of Hotels choose Zip POS Dashboard to keep records of each shift.

Access unlimited POS reports

Generate POS reports for any type of data Whether you want to track your net sales or sales per hour, Zip POS Dashboard has the tools you need to generate meaningful reports.

Manage your cash balance Watch every dollar and track every transaction so no financial mishap occurs. Our platforms allows you to analyze the key figures that impact your business the most.

Simplify your sales process

Ditch a pen and paper for a more streamlined way to manage your POS data Stop wondering about what went wrong. Access data immediately and track every incident so it doesn't happen again.

Analyze trends and patterns Our software outlines key trends and patterns for you so you can easily visualize what works and what doesn't. Pinpoint strategies to duplicate so that every month yields progress.

Ensure constant improvement

Import past and current data

Evaluate data from every day, month and year to see which season produced the most favorable results. Keep track of each effort as your sales strategy evolves.

Access data from one place

Zip POS Dashboard makes it easy to search, sort, filter and store your data. Our software allows you to analyze key touchpoints from every angle of the sales process.